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    The Law About Scales (As We understand it)

    The equipment you use to weigh or measure your packaged goods has to be suitable. There are no hard and fast rules about what equipment you should use but you can’t use domestic scales to weigh goods you intend to sell.

    Your local Trading Standards office will tell you what is suitable equipment for your business sector.

    Trading Standards will check the equipment is accurate and suitable for your uses


    What Scales Can I use?

    Our System can work in 2 ways with scales

    1. We always recommend a fully integrated scale, this means when you place your item (be it meat or veg) on the scale the EPOS receives the weight and can work out the correct price from your pre-entered or manually entered pricing
    2. A Label Printing Scale which prints the item type/weight/price  in an embedded bar-code which you then scan at the checkout (This tends to be the more expensive option)
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